Choral Ensemble Policy & Information Sheet
Mr. Armstrong

10 Basic Classroom Rules


  1. Regular rehearsal attendance is vital for the success of the group and will allow you to earn participation points in class. Be at rehearsal with your folder and a pencil at all times.
  2. Be on time to class. When the bell sounds ending the passing period you are to be in the room, getting your folder, and finding your seat. During rehearsal, store your bags in the choir room, but not on the risers. Don't leave valuables in the hallway outside of the classroom!
  3. Please dispose of any gum, food, pop or drinks other than bottled water upon entering the room. There is a garbage can in the room for this purpose. Also, please remove hats for rehearsal when entering rooms. Cell phones must out of sight and sound.
  4. Restrict talking in class to appropriate times. When the choir is rehearsing and warming:. up there should be no talking. If the group is not singing and receiving instruction or announcements there should be no talking. If a specific section is being rehearsed and your section is not involved, there should be no talking. Instead, pay attention to the work being done with other sections.
  5. Participation is expected at all appropriate times. In the event that illness prohibits participation, please notify the director before rehearsal and pay attention to what is happening in class. Sit and stand with your section and follow along in the music. Studying other subjects is not acceptable. If other circumstances prohibit a student's participation, it is the student's responsibility to make these other circumstances (religious or cultural beliefs, etc.) known to the director. Simply not wishing to participate is unacceptable.
  6. Work to maintain a positive attitude toward choir and the class in general. We're all in this together and need each other to be successful! Do your best - it's all anyone can ask of you.
  7. Ask questions whenever necessary. This should be done in a proper manner- raise your hand and wait to be called upon just like many other classes. Don't blurt! Please respect others when they have a question.
  8. Use common sense -exercise proper school behavior in accordance with the policies of Washington High School.
  9. Maintain proper posture in class. It will help you sound better!
  10. Take care of personal matters between classes

Washington Singers6th Period"B" daysVarsity Chorale4th Period"B" daysA Slice of Jazz3-4 ("on call" 4-5)T & Th
(special rehearsals with advanced notice)
Attendance at Performances

Students are expected to attend all scheduled performances. When conflicts occur, please notify the director several days in advance or as soon as the student learns of the conflict. Students will be excused from a performance for the following reasons: student's illness, death in the family/funeral, and emergency/personal situations handled at the discretion of the director and Washington HS administration. Other school activities will be worked around as much as possible in accordance with Washington HS policy. If an unexcused absence occurs, students will not earn participation points towards their grade. In the event of an excused absence, it is the responsibility of the student to earn missed participation points through make up assignments.

Performance Attire

For groups that wear robes provided by the school (Washington Singers, Varsity Chorale and Concert Choir), the primary concern is what is visible outside the robe. Men: dark socks (no white), dark dress shoes (no tennis) and dark slacks (no jeans or khakis). Women: dark dress shoes and hosiery, any dress or skirt should not be longer than the robe worn over it. Women also wear dark slacks (no jeans or khakis). "Slice" performance attire will be discussed in rehearsal and agreed upon by group consensus.