Conductor: Steve Shanley

Description: The Revolutionists are composed of advanced jazz band students as determined by auditions, normally conducted during early September.  The Revolutionists meet for practice outside of the normal hours of the school day.

Regular rehearsals are 2:55-4:00 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday.  Please be ready to warm up as a group at 2:55.  Any excused Monday/Wednesday rehearsals are listed in the schedule.  We will also have Thursday evening rehearsals and extend some of the regular rehearsals until 5:00 (these are all listed in the schedule).  PLAN AHEAD!  You must be at all rehearsals and performances.  In a chamber group (one person per part) such as jazz band, perfect attendance from every member is crucial to the success of the group.  Section leaders will arrange trombone, trumpet, and saxophone sectionals.  Mr. Shanley will arrange rhythm sectionals and extra help for soloists.